How can I make a transfer from my online banking?

Once you login to the FMFB-A Online banking Platform, on the Payments section:

  1. select transfer money
  2. Select manage Payees and Billers
  3. Add new Payee
  4. Enter the details of person you want to transfer money
  5. click on the transfer money option after new payee added to your payee list
  6. select the payee
  7. Chose your account if you have different accounts with FMFB-A mention the amount you want to transfer and details of the transfer 
  8. Click to the transfer button
  9. Review the details of transfer and Click on confirm button
  10. FMFB-A Sent a verification Code on your mobile number and Email write the verification code, then click submit after that the confirmation of your transfer will show on your screen.