Ijarah Financing

The Shariah compliant Ijarah financing is used as a mode of financing to provide short to medium-term financing to lease such items which include: moto vehicles, plant, real estates, buildings, equipment, machineries, computers etc. 

Features and Benefits
  • 100 per cent Shari’ah-compliant financing
  • Availability of multiple currencies (AFN, USD)
  • Attractive profit rate
  • From six months to two years of financing
  • Financing limit from AFN 15,000 to AFN 500,000 or equivalent in USD
  • A fully transparent transaction with no additional charges
  • No hidden costs
Security Requirements
  • The original title deed of the property
  • Guarantor/Stock Registered/Equitable Mortgage of Property
  • Hypothecation charge on entire present & future current assets of the business
  • Personal/Financial guarantees
  • Presentment of original NID, Valid Business Licenses, and Sharia or Urofi title deed
How to Apply

For more information please call our Customer Service Centre by dialing 599 or visiting any of our branches.