AfPay Debit Card

Making Your Available Funds Available to You

FMFB-A AfPay Debit Card is the simplest and the most competitive way to make safe transactions from anywhere in the country without having to carry a large amount of cash. Make secure cash withdrawals not only from FMFB-A ATMs but also from other banks’ ATMs across the country. It’s quick, easy, and enables you to keep control of your finances. Your AfPay debit card only gives you access to your available balance so there’s no need to worry about going overdrawn. With the FMFB-A AfPay Card, you have convenient access to your Current and Savings Accounts, anytime.

Features and Benefits
  • Cash Carrying Prevention
  • Prevention of Cash Erosion and Theft 
  • Fast Transactions with Lower Costs
  • Interoperability between various channels and products
  • Customized product offering
  • Protection of information related to Afghan consumers
  • Provide electronic product options to untapped/unexplored consumers
  • SMS alerts – Users will get alerts for every transaction made through this card.
AfPay Card Usage

AfPay cards are similar to any other debit cards that you might hold now. You can access them in over 360 ATMs across the country. It will also be accepted at Point of Sale (POS) terminals and on e-commerce websites soon.