Debit Master Card

Enjoy accessing your funds through the worldwide acceptance of the FMFB-A Debit MasterCard! Introducing one of a kind experiences, FMFB-A Debit MasterCard provides one-stop payment solution for our customers. With transactions secured and confidentiality of accounts maintained, you can enjoy withdrawing cash, buying products online or in stores, locally and internationally with the least worries.

Features and Benefits
  • Prevention of Cash Erosion and Theft 
  • Free card issuance
  • Online shopping in an easy secure way using MasterCard SecureCode
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs, locally and internationally
  • In-store purchases at Point of Sale terminals across the world
  • SMS alerts for all transactions
  • Stay secured when buying online with 3D Secure (One-Time-Password “OTP”)
  • Chip-based card secured with PIN and CVV/CVC
  • NFC (Near Field Communication), with this technology other than inserting your card at ATM & POS just tab your card and execute your transaction
How to Apply

For more information please call our Customer Service Centre on 599 or visit any of our branches.