Ijarah Financing

SMEs and Corporate businesses are able now to meet their asset-based needs through FMFB-A’s Ijara financing. The Shari’ah-compliant Ijara financing is used as a mode of financing to provide short to medium-term financing to lease such items which include: motor vehicles, plants, real estate, buildings, equipment, machinery, computers, etc.

Features and Benefits
  • 100 per cent Shari’ah-compliant financing
  • Attractive profit rate
  • Available in both AFN and USD
  • SMEs Tenor: From 6 months to 3 years of financing
  • Corporate Tenor: From 6 months to 5 years of financing  
  • SMEs Financing Limits: AFN 500,001 to AFN 15,000,000 or equivalent in USD
  • Corporate Financing Limits: AFN 15,000,001 to AFN 300,000,000 or equivalent in USD
  • Seasonal repayment option for agricultural finance
  • Bank statement once a year
  • Fully transparent transaction with no additional charges
  • No hidden costs
Security Requirements
  • The original title deed of a property plus guarantor/stock
  • Registered/equitable mortgage of property
  • Hypothecation charge on entire present & future current assets of the business
  • Personal/financial guarantees
How to Apply

For more information please call our Customer Service Centre by dialing 599 or visiting any of our branches.