Bulk Payroll Processing

With Bulk Payment, you can process multiple transactions through a single file. This is the fastest way of processing electronic funds transfers that enables the real-time transfer of money from your bank account to your designated employees or another financial institution within the country or internationally.

  • Payout of your employees` salaries and other obligations independently and in bulk without the involvement of the bank
  • Internal payments (within the bank)
  • Domestic payments (within the country)
  • Bulk payment has no transaction limits and offers real-time value
  • Bulk payment supports local and major foreign currencies
  • Payments can support major foreign currency transactions to be made across borders i.e.to other countries in USD and Euro currencies across several countries which are listed in the Online Banking payment option.
  • Seamless and secure international payments.
  • The system will provide you multiple layers of security and authentication process based on your desire.
  • Time independent and efficient
  • Highly secured process with Activity log