Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer facility is a remittance channel that can facilitate Afghan
expatriates across the globe to remit their money back home in a safe, secure and hassle-free
mode under a tie-up with Western Union. Westerns Union is now available across our branch

Salient features of the service are:

Fast: With an advanced electronic financial network, it can transfer money to any service site (agent) of Western Union throughout the world so that a payee can get the money in minutes.
Reliable: Each transfer can be tracked using a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). This
number is given to the receiver only ensuring that only the receiver can collect the money.
No need for a bank account: Convenient procedure without the need of maintaining an
account with FMFB.
No Charges: There are no charges for receiving remitted money

Conditions for Receiving Money:
  • Having an MTCN number
  • Having the original ID card or valid passport
  • Name of the person and country sending the money
  • Amount of money sent
Conditions for Sending Money:
  • Having the original ID card or valid passport
  • The exact name and surname of the person receiving the money
  • The exact address of the person receiving the money
  • Having the original amount sent